Back Up Plan

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On a windy morning @ Pool Party the following Pax included Outhouse, High Pitch, Inside Out, Rudy , Sandcrab. Papa Smurf was up all night with his daughter Steele. However managed to send directions . Hope Steele is feeling better PS.

LIMP MEMBER•MP. LBAC FW• big arm circles. FB…hillbillies. Imperial walkers. MT Climbers. flutter kicks. SSh’s, 5 Burpees….thanks IO!

THE RED BARON 10•20•30•40• 50 or more. 10 groiners. 20 merkins •30 big boi sit ups• 40 flutter kicks•50 squats run 200 yards between each set.
Toy soldier to the skate park . 20 step UPS , 20 merkins, 20 dips. 3 sets lap after each.

Line up east to west, 10 burpees , 10 hand release , flutter kicks , hello dollys in cadence. Sprints in between . An assortment of other pain staking exercises .

Prayers for our families with COVID and the globe . Prayers for Heisenberg . Thankful for our health and thank you men for your participation .

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