The Joy of Burpees

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  • When: 2.24.2022
  • QIC: Pink Panther
  • The PAX: Scholls, Bulkhead, Loudmouth, Hooker, Pink Panther, Heist, McFly, Botox, Aquaman, Goodnight Moon

Today we were reminded of our joy of doing burpees.

  1. Pax start on the goal line.
  2. Run to the 10.
  3. Do burpees according to the yard line (the first is 10 yard line so 10 burpees).
  4. Run to the opposite goal line.
  5. Do 25 LBCs.
  6. Run back to the 20.
  7. Do 20 burpees.
  8. etc.

Pax repeat every 10 yards until they hit each of the following yard lines: 10-20-30-40-50-40-30-20-10

This totals 250 burpees and 225 LBCs.

The message at the end was to choose your hard.


Enbrace the Suck



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