Stick With Your Team…

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  • When: 03/19/2023
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: EPT, Inside out(r), little inside out(gone soon), CONROY(r), Zamboni(r),Yard Sale(r), Housekeeping(r), Bert(r),Bobber(r)

It’s been two long days since the QIC’s beloved Kentucky Wildcats got outplayed and outcoached by the Peacocks of St.Peter’s. The lessons from these are numerous but we’ll stick with 2 for todays focus.
1. No matter the outcome, your team is still your team and you cheer for them and don’t jump ship. Optimism is the key. Winning championships is hard…9 in a hundred years indicates that.
2. Master the fundamentals… F3 workouts don’t have to be creative or fancy or filled with Gawd awful rap music(shout out to Flo!). A few merkins, big boi sit ups, and some running will get it done.
So today, the PAX mastered the fundamentals and had a blast on this beautiful March morning.

20 SSH•arm stretch left/right •michael Phelps • wonder bra• merkins in cadence• The reacher• Spider-Man stretch •4

Toy Soldier to end line 10 merkins•2

Welsh Dragon width of field

Walk Like an Egyptian w10 merkins mosey back. Rinse and repeat.

Red Barchetta. Teams of 3 run/plank/LBC’s

Wilt Chamberlains teams of 3…100 squats/100 flutter kicks/100 lunges/100 big Bois.(?)

Toy soldier to the circle

Bear crawl of pain…20 bear crawls out 20 merkins. 20 back 20 big boi sit ups rinse and repeat 15/10/5

Finish with cut a flip. 5 merkins/ flip 5 big boi sit ups. Every 20 sec. Rest 10 sec.
COT. BOM. prayers for Heisenberg and John Harris. Both in need of healing from cancer…also pray to experience the joy that life gives us. Always a pleasure to workout with the men of F3.

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