Try on Every Shot(Exercise).

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  • When: 04/07/2022
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Buttercup,Rawlings,Duece,Sofa,Narco,Guard Dog,D-Day(r),Outhouse(r)Wasted(r)

It has never made sense to the Q to drive 50 minutes to work out for 45, but the Q was reminded of the reason this morning: the strength and the laughter of the Pax! F3 is the best and 10 Pax posted to make it a great start to the day.
Theme of the day: Try on Every Shot(exercise).
The Q was watching the par three tournament yesterday and 64 year old Bernard Langer was on… Curtis Strange said something when asked if he thought Langer wanted to win the contest…you see,there’s a jinx. No one who has ever won the par 3 contest has won The Masters proper.
Curtis Strange says: he tries on every shot. Pga tour winnings:
Reg tour: 10 mill…3 wins
Senior tour. 32 mill. 43 wins.
Euro tour. 11 mill pounds. 42 wins
The Goal Today is to Try on every Exercise
Warm up. The usual stuff.

Indian Run to the Football Field.
Super 21’s
1 big boi sit up and 1 merkin up to 21(155 total)
Mosey to the cement wall
Wall Sit. 1 min
Balls to the Walls 1 min
20 donkey kicks
Indian Run Back to the circle
Dealers Choice to Close out

COT. BOM. prayers for the men who are injured or absent from the workouts. Prayers for family members and those in need of support through illness and unforeseen circumstances.

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