Decisions, Decisions, Decisions….

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  • When: 04/21/22
  • QIC: Left Turn
  • The PAX: Scooter (welcome!), D-Day, Bada Bing, Penguin, Prunetang, Zamboni, Mr. Smooth, and Gizzard

Eight PAX joined HYC on a cloudy yet beautiful Thursday morning.

The theme of the day was decisions. And when we make them.

It is best not to make any decision when you are feeling a negative emotion – scarcity, fear, anger, etc.

There is a reason why there is a saying, “Let me sleep on it.” We make the best decisions when we are level headed and fresh.

Warm up

The thang

20-15-10 of:



Stair lap


20-15-10 of:

Ground to OH


Stair lap


20-15-10 of:

Lunges (each leg)

Laying leg raise

Stair lap


20-15-10 of:


Floor press

Stair lap


Cool down.

What would your life look like if you only made decisions based on your best feelings? Feelings of confidence, abundance, and love.

Prayers for knuckles, Saigon Sam M, and Rawlings brother in law. May we trust in the Lord to bring us peace, love, and guidance.

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