I Will. I Can. I Am.

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What a beautiful morning. Lucky 7’s this morning…lots of poking the bear…and a good burn.
will. I can. I am.
“The toughest thing about success is that you’ve got to keep on being a success.” Irving Berlin

I will lose the weight I want to lose
I can lose the weight I want to lose
I am losing the weight I want to lose

Warm Up;
Mosey 1 full lap
Circle up; LBACF /B. McDreamy morrocan nite club. 10 air presses
Hillbilly/SSH/Reacher/downward dog/ opposite stretch …hello dolly
Freddy mercury flutter kicks
Bear crawl beat down:
1: 10 out 10 merkins. And repeat to circle.
2. 15 out 15 big Bois and repeat
3. 20 out and 20 mountain climbers. And back.
Rinse and repeat.
Mosey to the
Skate park
5 burpees. 10 step up. 15 incline merkins 20 flutter kicks.
. Rinse and repeat.
Walk to the tennis court…
Chicken peckers and wall sits.
Mosey to the field..
5 sprints…
prayers for Pickle, Heisenberg, 3 Peat, and all those absent or injured.
Always a good time to lead.

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