Hard Nocs – Get After It! – 8-6-2022

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  • When: 08/06/2022
  • QIC: Rawlings
  • The PAX: Space Balls, Wasted, Maestro, Gru, Deuce, Dollar Bill, Terminator, Mr. Smooth, Mervin, Chain Gang, Fix It, Prunetang, Sofa, Full Monty, Air Bags, Jobu, Oops, Mr Woodchuck, Tackleberry

18 Pax strong at Hard Nocs today. (20 at the end with runners merger) Message was get after it! Life is getting ready to get busy for all of us with the 2.0’s headed back to school. It’s easy to let off on the workouts when the life schedule gets busy…..However that’s when we need the brotherhood of F3 more than ever. Get up and get after it every day.

Warmup – Stair lap, Hand walk plank IC, The Hillbilly IC, Merkins IC, Stair lap, LBC IC, Flutter Kick IC, Hello Dolly IC, Stair Lap, LBACF IC, LBACB IC, Don Quixote IC, SSH IC,

The Thang – Mosey the long way to the field (1.25 M) Stopping for Air Chair w/ an overhead clap IC, The Shinook IC, Leg Sweeps on the bridge IC, finish off the run to the field.

Cones were setup 50 yards apart perfect for an Elevens Drill 1-Burpee 50 yard dash 10-Shoulder Tap Merkins. Continue until we get to 10-Burpees and 1-Shoulder Tap Merkins. We knocked this out so quickly and their just happened to be a football on site so why not 10 minutes of Ultimate Frisbee style football. It was a tough battle with great competition. Mr. Smooth knows how to kick the hell out of a Jr. Football.

Mosey along the trail back to the circle stopping for the peoples chair.

COR, NOR, Announcments, Prayer Requests, Tackleberry had his boy placed continently at the end of the workout for some delicious refreshements.

Get after it boys. Good work. It was an honor to lead.



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