Be Prepared

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  • When: 08/09/22
  • QIC: Tron - RR
  • The PAX: Septum, LIFO, Eileen - R, Extinguisher -R, Updraft -RR, Farah & Farah -RR

Six PAX joined YHC in the glistening gloom of Chop Shop. Most of the usual suspects were present for a VQ on my 4 month F3 Anniversary.  Thank you HIM’s, for supporting my VQ!



Hillbilly – IC

Reachers – IC

Tennessee Rocking Chairs – IC

Mountain Climbers – OYO

The Thang

The digits in 8-9-22 add up to 21, so we played BLACKJACK. Merkins and Cindy Goblet Squats were performed in combinations of 21 (starting w/ 20 merkins/1 Cindy Squat, then 19/2, 18/3, etc until we reached 1 merkin/20 Cindys), with sprints/jogs/lunges across the field, in-between the exercises.  That routine killed both the PAX and around 30 minutes of time, and we then went into a series of additional exercises, that included curtsy lunges, Chinooks, and plank/bear crawl step-throughs.  I think everyone felt like they got their money’s worth.


With the theme being BE PREPARED, we recited the gospel scripture from Luke that says (paraphrasing), “Much is expected of those entrusted with much; and even more is demanded of those entrusted with more.”  In addition to our physicality, which the PAX are clearly working on, everything else matters equally….family relationships, diet, work balance, spirituality, etc.  We have some PAX in our midst that are truly examples of this and leading the way, as we need the discipline to fight all levels of battles, but we can’t pick and choose what we focus/work on.  Everything is required to live in the trenches.

Prayers for Heisenberg’s health, Crotchless’ son Ian, Hot Lips’ father in hospice.  Reminder about The Fort AO (8-27-22) and help needed at Trinity Rescue Mission.  Thank you for allowing me to lead today!


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