The Jack

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  • When: 8/17/22
  • QIC: Deuce
  • The PAX: Full Monty RR, Saigon Sam, R, Bloomer, Skid Mark, GNC, Dollar Bill, Bada Bing

7 Pax greeted YHC for a IPC style beatdown 2 weeks before the infamous Week 0 of the 2022 IPC. No FNG’s, quick disclaimer and right into the warmup

SSH x10 IC, The reacher x10 IC, LM OYO, DD calf stretch OYO, standing quad stretch OYO, 1 minute OYO, Mosey 1 big lap

The Thang: 4 rounds

40 squats

30 BBS

20 Merkins

10 Burpees

Run 1 big lap, add a lap each round

Recovery walk 1 small lap

Song Workout: ACDC “The Jack”

Hold High or low plank and perform 1 plank Jack for each mention of the work “Jack” – we made it 4 minutes 10s before YHC called it

Cooldown: LBAC F, MP, cross arm stretching etc

COT: Sign up for IPC, Manion run/ruck 9/10 details on slack, 9/11 Sunday 7AM HN 110 stair flights, Prayers for Crotchless’ son Ian – see GoFund me on Slack to help, Heisenberg – new treatment, unsaid prayers

Thanks for having me – Deuce

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