The Heisen-Dora?

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  • When: 10/13/2022
  • QIC: Bowzer
  • The PAX: Jumanji, Pud, Gekko, Bernie, Snuffy, Xenu, Toxic, Brexit, Hey Big Papi, Air Drop, Zamboni, Groundspeed, Wrigley, Lego, Bowzer

Originally, I had intended to facilitate Week 5 of the IPC but after careful consideration, discarded that notion. I pulled out an old Backblast from Drone called The 1500-  A Dora that entails-1500 reps. I made some tweaks and came up with 1972, an homage to the year Heisenberg was born.

Time was called, disclaimer given, off we go.

Warm a rama

SSH- ic 15

Goofballs – IC 15


3 exercises, 15 each. Reference to his Birthday. See what I did there?

Lap around the parking lot to the pavilion for:

The Thang

1972 Dora – or The Heisen-Dora as dubbed by Zamboni

Partner A does exercise while Partner B runs across field to opposite side walk and back to pick up where Partner A left off.

Burpees 172

Merkins 300

Big Boy Sit ups 400

Squats 500

Bobby Hurley’s 600

Rep total: Surprise! 1972

There was plenty of mumble chatter regarding we’ll never finish. This is hard, the grass is wet, blah blah blah. No one ever said life was going to be easy, and we shouldn’t expect or want a beatdown to be easy. The pax leaned into the suck and when time was called, we rallied back to the flag for 10 train burpees.

I don’t think anyone finished the entire workout, but there were a few teams that made it to the Bobby Hurley’s.


I asked several of the pax what was the easiest, hardest, best part of the beatdown and got a variety of fantastic answers. Groundspeed said it best with: “That a friend is one who will come to you when he notices you’re in need, not one who waits for you to ask for help.”

During the beatdown, I had several applications or takeaways I wanted to share in COT, however what jumped out at me was that as sucky as this was, Jumanji, (who did not have a partner since he had to leave early) went from group to group handing out donations when needed. “Here’s 10 burpees, I just did 20 merkins for you, here’s 30 squats.” A very Heisenberg thing to do. Yes, the beatdown is hard, but isn’t it more bearable when you are not doing it alone? The essence of F3, Leave no man behind and don’t leave him where you found him.

Zamboni shared he was wrestling with emotions this past week and echoed that Jumanji was there to stand in the gap and coined the term The Heisenberg- to assist the pax in a difficult or challenging beatdown.

Announcements: Heisenberg’s Celebration of Life and prayers.

I love all of you and am proud to do life with you! Exeunt

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