Don’t Get Tangled Up!

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  • When: 11/08/2022
  • QIC: Tron - (RR)
  • The PAX: Septum, Eileen (R), LIFO (R), D-Nice

5 PAX posted in the fairly comfortable breezy gloom known as Chop Shop. First workout after the time change, with a lunar eclipse to boot, allowing for an early daylight finish!

Disclaimer given (no FNG’s) and off we went!

The Warmup – a few basic warmups in cadence (Reachers, Tennessee Rocking Chairs, Don Quixote’s, Chinooks), with 10 merkins OYO added in.  Septum was late due to a coffee prep malfunction, but no penalties were given this time, since he ultimately brought the post-workout java.

The Workout – this was a simple but continuous format that was borrowed from The Fort recently (thank you, Fifty Cent). Two different sets of 5 exercises, in rep counts of 30-20-10 in declining fashion.

Set #1 – Burpees, Coupon Curls, Step-Ups, V-Ups, Squat Thrusters w/ Coupon.  After each 30-20-10 set, we ran about 400m to San Clerc Road

Set #2 – Merkins, Bonnie Blairs, Coupon Rows, Burpees, LBC’s w/ Coupon.  Same running as Set #1.

We finished with a Slamball Pacer finale, with each pax acting as pacer slamming the 20 lb slamball with the other pax doing monkey humpers.  The workout was continuous for 45 minutes, no breathers.

COT – Prayers and praise for Trinity Clay Shoot, Bailey family, missing pax and always striving for more FNG’s in the gloom.

Finally, it seems we’ve had an upshoot in jump rope-themed workouts recently, and we reminded ourselves of the analogy to not get tangled up in life like we sometimes do with the jump rope.  When you feel yourself tangled up by work, family, physical things, sin, etc., just try to take a step back, reflect, show patience, and pray to your heavenly power for grace.  We are reminded that WE are not in control and prayer is the way to stay untangled.

Thanks to these HIM’s for allowing me to Q, and making me better every time out!

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