VQ for Birthday Beatdown at Badlands 1-3-2023

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  • When: 01/03/2023
  • QIC: The Breeze
  • The PAX: 22 total: Bada Bing, Hat Trick (respect), Saigon Sam (respect), The Mayor (TRIPLE respect, FNG), Gravy, Terminator, Irish Goodbye (respect), Jersey Devil, Firefox, Deuce, Rawlings, Prunetang, Tackleberry, Toe Jam, D-Day. Apologies for anyone I missed.


  • The QIC received the best present of his 38th birthday when 21 other men ventured out of the comfort of their fartsacks this morning to join a virgin Q in the gloom, including one FNG – The Mayor (triple respect!).  13 runners and 9 ruckers all helped themselves get 1% better this morning.

Welcome / Disclaimer / Started on time 0530

The Warm-up (in cadence):

  • Jumping Jacks,  Air Squats, Butt Kickers, Knee Hugs

The Thang:

  • Counted off and split into two line formation of even and odd numbers. Started Indian/Elizabeth Warren run with back pair of men continuously peeling off for sprint to front. Repeated for 1 mile to base of Palm Valley Bridge. Quick recover at bridge base and then started Light Pole Leap Frog, in which odd number men sprinted up bridge to first light pole and held wall squat. Then even numbers sprinted up past the odds to the second light pole and held wall squat. Repeated until end of bridge and then ran back together. At base began Indian/Elizabeth Warren run back to Badlands for COT with ruckers. To commemorate the QIC’s year of birth, the running PAX was serenaded by a bluetooth speaker playing curated rock hits of 1985…basically the Rocky IV soundtrack. Sally Up/Down and Six Minutes of Mary were invited to the birthday party but time did not allow for their appearance. The QIC will adjust accordingly for future Q.


  • Count O Rama at 22.  Name O Rama had lots of Respects and a Triple Respect for one FNG “The Mayor” (Saigon Sam’s dad rucking like a champ in his 70s)
  • Announcements – Kraken. Gate. F3E. Q Source. Do hard stuff.
  • Prayer / Prayer Requests: Continued prayers of healing for Sophia’s grieving family and community. Praises for God’s faithfulness in our lives.
  • Pledge / Photo

Honored to serve in leading a grizzled and grace-filled group of HIM.

-The Breeze


0530 Badlands 22 PAX run/ruck

22 PAX at 0530 Badlands on January 3, 2023

Fellowship at Kookaburra Coffee after beatdown
Fellowship w/PAX + Teddy at Kookaburra Coffee afterwards

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