Perspective in the gloom

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  • When: 01/09/2023
  • QIC: Breeze
  • The PAX: OOPS, Irish Goodbye, Leonidas, Saigon Sam, Left Turn, D-Day, JOBU, Scooter, Cocktail (FNG)

12 men posted in the gloom at Hard Nocs including one FNG, Cocktail (Noah, a 22-yo visiting family member of Leonidas). All men were welcomed and then the F3 mission, core principles and disclaimer were pronounced.

Warmup: lap around the Nocatee Welcome Center with OYO dynamic stretching

The Thang: “Breeze’s Big 4 Circuit Beatdown” – PAX performed 3 sets of each circuit with a stair lap and 10 count recover in between.

  • Circuit 1: Plyo merkins (1o reps), Air squarts (20 reps), Smurf jacks (30 reps)
  • Circuit 2: Decline merkins (10), Lunges (20), Step-ups (30)
  • Circuit 3: Burpees (10), Flutter Kicks (20), Mountain Climbers (30)
  • Circuit 4: Hand release merkins (10), Supermans (20), WWI sit-ups (30)
  • FINISHER: “Bring Sally Up” high plank to low plank hold for 3:30

Cool down/BOM/COT:
The theme today was “perspective” and the PAX heard the story of an art critic having a 1:1 viewing of a master painter’s newest creation, an oil painting of Mary holding baby Jesus. The critic could see the mastery in the creation, however, the proportions appeared out of whack. The critic was troubled why a master would intentionally make something bad and was so disappointed. When the critic asked the painter about the proportions he learned that this painting was never meant to be viewed standing up. Instead it was created to hang inside a small chapel on a wall in the kneeling prayer area. The critic was a prideful man unaccustomed to kneeling. However, he gave it a try and as soon as he hit his knees and gazed up everything changed. The proportions came into alignment and the master’s beautiful creation became a wonder to behold, more beautiful than the critic could have imagined.  So, remember in this new year that we men may be presented with things that could seem out of whack, disappointing and only bad. But good or bad is all a matter of our perspective. In my life I have found the proper perspective on things comes when I put away my pride and humble myself on my knees. I would encourage all men to try the same in 2023.

Announcements: Kraken – sign up , volunteer, buy shirts, donate.  Q Source – do it.

Prayer Requests/ Prayer / Pledge of Allegiance

It was my honor to lead this HIM-loaded PAX committed to helping make each other 1% better today.



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