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  • When: 03/04/2023
  • QIC: The Pax
  • The PAX: Felony Powerball. High Pitch. Zamboni . Housekeeping .Yardsale. respecters 3 Peat. Papa Smurf .double respecters

In 2 months, the last of the non-respecters (Felony), will cross that threshhold…leaving Goggins 13 more years to catch up.
In true F3 form, nobody signed up to Q?m!? But the really cool thing is that, instead of asking for volunteers, the Pax just steps right up and gets it done…no Weinke’s, no problem.
WARM UP… Papa Smurf
SSH•arm stretches•the reacher•hello dolly•mt climbers•Spider-Man stretch..toy soldier to the end line…

Here comes Cindy..and Housekeeping.
Housekeeping led us through a cadre of upper body exercises with Cindy. Presses•squats• curls. Biceps• derkins•and something else that I can’t remember
Three Peat wasn’t done with Cindy
Crazy 8’s. ? 8 lunges then 8 squats• 8 deadlifts. 8 presses.
Can’t remember if we did more?
Felony: put Cindy away.
11’s with big boi sit ups and merkins …
Bear crawls coupled with pickle pointers, pickle pounders, monkey humpers and (it escapes me).

Papa Smurf. 5 50 yard sprints with 10 flutters after each sprint ..

Run to mid court and back. 15•30•45•60. Crunches.
Three peat…we’ve got 2 minutes.
Flutter kicks and merkins.

COT. BOM. PRAYERS for Inside out and his gate run. 3 peats mom.Knuckles…and all the pax that are MIA or hurt.

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