Weightlifting Wednesday at Badlands

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10 HIM posted at Badlands for another round of weightlifting Wednesday workout with a 38lb cinderblock or weight implement of their choosing. The music playlist was heavy metal to fuel the heavy lifting. The theme today was “control” with a focus on controlling the weight throughout the movement and maximizing the muscular time under tension.  YHC also shared a message for the Pax to remember that we can use controlled focus to maximize our efforts and actions in our most important relationships back at home.

Dynamic Warm-up Protocol: Mosey for five minutes while performing 10 each of the following: knee to chest hugs, quad pulls, arms swings and circles, step over hurdles, walking toy soldier, walking lunges then mosey back to circle for a mini-Mary core workout.

 The Thang: Perform 7 controlled reps of each exercise, 3 sets of each circuit, then run a parking lot lap and plank for the Six.

  • Circuit 1: Manmakers, High Pull, Lunges w/ block
  • Circuit 2: Elf on the Shelf, Bent-Over Row, Absolutions
  • Circuit 3: Thrusters, Curls, Chest press w/ leg raise

COT: Photo, Count 0 rama, Name o rama, Prayer requests and Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance

Post-beatdown Coffeeteria: fellowship and conversation were enjoyed tailgate style in the parking lot . Coffee and accoutrements were graciously supplied by Terminator (thank you!)

Always honored to lead. Thank you for the opportunity.



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