This Bud’s for you.

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  • When: 4/13/2023
  • QIC: Bowzer
  • The PAX: Seatdown, Jumanji, Toxic, Hey Big Papi, Big Bird, Matlock, Air Drop, Sweet Spot, P & R, Lego, Shock Treatment, Precious, Billy Jean, Goober, Zamboni, Bowzer, Gekko, Brexit, Hey Boss

5:30 am. Conditions: Gloomy, damp. Toxic level: 7.3

I decided to morning in a Heisenberg-ie way, so once the disclaimer was given, instructions were given to hug the Pax to either side and tell them you were glad they showed up. Jumanji tensed up and was Zamboni’d. Perfect way to start.

Warm up stuff:

LBACF- IC x 21

Reachers- IC x 15

A late arrival, turning out to be Goober ensured that we were going to do burpees. x 10.

Goober shows up religiously once or twice a year at intermittently and is always late.

Mosey around the parking lot, picking up our Cindys and heading to the Pavillion for the thing.

The Thing/Thang

Each triad of exercises was completed in reps of 21/15/9. After each round, lap around the park with 5 pullups. Air chair or something productive for the 6 so we stayed together.

Round 1 – Merkins, groiners, squat jumps

Round 2- Derkins, Curls, LBCs

Time out

I wanted to publicly acknowledge our newest Site Q’s: Anthill/Bohica-Lego and Anchor-Shock Treatment. I administered the below oath (which I’m sure will be adopted across the nation soon!)

The Site Q oath

“I, (state your name), solemnly swear to uphold the high standards of F3 workouts and maintain their integrity. I will ensure that all workouts are conducted safely and efficiently, with respect for all participants. I will lead by example and encourage others to do the same. I will always strive to improve myself and others through fitness, fellowship, and faith. So help me Bud.”

After the oath, the Site Q’s were presented with their very own Bud Light.

Back to the action.

Round 3- Overhead press, Mountain Climbers, Bulgarian Split Squats

Lot’s of mumble chatter and Hey Big Papi was providing some constructive feedback for Lego to implement.

Round 4- Kettle bell Swings, Windshield Wipers, Goblet Squats

Round 5- Murder Bunnies, Chest Press, Birth Canals

*Round 6- V-ups, Carolina Dry Docks, Supermans ** Not done.


While gathering Heisenberg quotes for the Kraken, I went thru a lot of his backblasts. It’s a blessing to have his thoughts and words preserved for us.

Showing up to F3 regularly requires discipline. Ensuring no man is left behind requires discipline. Making sure the standards are met requires discipline. Writing a backblast so that new Pax have an inkling of what to do requires discipline. We need to do a better job of archiving what we do, stupid stuff included, by taking the time to posting a backblast.

Tutorial coming!


PostScript: Goober showed up about 15 minutes late to Q source with a cup of creamer from Starbucks. Gotta love his consistency!



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