And the kick is good!!

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  • When: 4-29-23
  • QIC: Me
  • The PAX: Zamboni, Clouseau, Flash, Early Bird, Kraft, Rainbow Roll, Bowzer

While the convergence was happening at Boondocks, a small gathering of Pax happened upon Tallulah Park for a kid friendly beatdown.

Warm up

SSH IC  x 10

LBAC F and B x 10

LBC x 10

Flutter kicks x 10

Back Scratcher x 10

Mosey around the Park back to the BBal court

All x 10

Mountain climbers


V ups

Hi planks and low planks for 30 seconds each

The Thing

Dora 1 100 Merkins, 150 LBC’s, 200 squats

Dora two 100 shoulder tabs, 150 big boy sit ups, 200 Bobby Hurley‘s

Punt, pass and kick
The pax took turns, punting, passing and kicking a football. We either bear crawled, broad  jumped, or a gorilla, ran to the ball for the next turn. Sidenote: Clouseau may be the best kicker that the Jaguars never sign.

finished up with dips, Irkins, pull ups, and swekins.

Named Groundspeeds young un’s Kraft- because he likes mac & cheese, and Rainbow Roll- because her favorite food is an avocado sushi roll.

I made an executive decision that the last Saturday of the month will be 2.0 day at the Pearl Jam. Spread the word.


One tree can start a forest:

One smile can begin a friendship:

One hand can lift a soul:

One word can frame the goal;

One candle can wipe out darkness.

One laugh can conquer gloom:

One hope can raise your spirits.

One touch can show vou care.

One life can make the difference

be that one today

Prayer, Pledge and leave

PS: Groundspeed’s 2.0s are ridiculously adorable.

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