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  • When: 05/30/23
  • QIC: Extinguisher
  • The PAX: FarahandFarah, Updraft, Septum, Eileen, Lifo, Bruiser, Icy Hot, D-5

9 PAX posted to Chop Shop to overcome obstacles with As Many Rounds As Possible 5 exercise circuit. 4 cones setup in square implements/obstacles ( bear crawl zig-zag, low hurdles, speed ladder and more low hurdles)  were setup between each cone.

Warm Up

Hillbillies x 10

Don Quixote  x 10

Imperial Walker x 10

LBAC fwd/bwd x 10

Willie May Hayes Left/Right 10 sec hold

Michael Phelps x 10


Pax Pick a corner of square. Moving Clockwise. After each  round is completed move to middle of square and perform 5 Burpees

Cone 1 SSH x 25 reps Bear Crawl  to Cone 2

Cone 2 Lunges x 25 reps Broad Jump over low hurdles to Cone 3

Cone 3 Mountain Climbers x 25 reps Speed Ladder low squat in/outs to Cone 4

Cone 4  LBCs x 25 Lateral High Knees over low hurdles

Rinse & Repeat until clock runs out


Message: We all will have obstacles in our life. How do learn how to conquer them?

Announcements: Awesome support of canned food drive for Trinity



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