Introducing the Mastodon

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I posted a pre-blast introducing the Mastodon beat down, a ten  station circuit workout, sure to put the likes of the Manatee to shame. It did.

Here’s what happened….


Warm up

Ssh, Hillbillies, Prisoner Squats, reachers

The Thang

We did a slow mosey of the course so that the packs could get an idea of the layout.

Station one – at the sidewalk in front of the park – 20 big boy sit ups

Station two – basketball court, two free throws. Each miss equals five Burpee’s

station three – battle ropes times 30

Station four – bear crawl

Station 5–15 goblet squats, 15 overhead presses, 15 curls

Station 6–20 dips

Station 7 – tire flip the length of the pavement

Station 8–10 pull ups

Station 9 – 15 swerkins

Station 10 – on the tennis court, 50 jump ropes

Exit the tennis court and repeat the entire course

Pax got through 3 rounds and we did:

Thang 2

2 on 2 basketball

Blockbuster and I teamed up against the formidable duo of Sweet Spot and Whiff.
Whiff has a pretty scary game face and did not crack under my trash talk. But we won 8-3.


prayers for Blockbuster and his M, for grace, patience with one another as they enter this new stage of marriage… Parenting.

Prayers for Sweet Spot for Tuesday at the divorce hearing and prayers for my M as she may have an ulcer.

It was a privilege to lead.


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