Spell love T.I.M.E

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  • When: 6/17/23
  • QIC: Deuce
  • The PAX: SpaghettiOs, Left Turn, Fracker R, The Worm, Spaceballs, Valdez, Mr Smooth, Ski Patrol, Bada Bing, Saigon Sam R, JoBu, Prunetang R

12 pax joined YHC for a pre Father’s Day beatdown. Message today is to use your TIME wisely as we can’t create more of it and we have no idea when our TIME is over.


Parking lot mosey, 10 burpees OYO, The reacher x10 IC, LM OYO, 10 merkins IC, PP x5 OYO, FK x10 IC, 1 minute stretch OYO

The thang:

Mini Indian Run in groups of 4 or 5 from flag to Soccer field

Stay in same group for mini ring of fire, 3 rounds.

5o burpees, pax rotate every 5, rest of group holds “active beast.”

1oo merkins, pax rotate every 10, rest of group holds plank position.

200 squats, pax rotates every 20, rest of group holds air chair.

Partner up with 1 pax

Partner 1 runs to first cone, performs 1 burpee, runs back, resting pax is holding plank, air chair or active beast, partner 2 runs to cone 2 and performs 2 burpees, continue in alternating pyramid fashion to cone 6 and back to cone 1. Total burpees for each pax is 18, run distance ~ equal.

Wheelbarrow 11’s – this kind of fell apart

1 dip – 10 dirkins, partners alternate wheelbarrow and exercises each round, many performed lunges as a modification, we abandoned this one after 4 rounds.

2 lines for indian run back to flag, halt at volleyball courts and finish run with 1 line indian run

At flag each pax calls out 10 exercises, to include merkins, burpees, monkey humpers, bird dogs, dirty dogs, michael phelps, SSH and other favorites.


The Farm 1 PM Volley Ball today

July 4 min convergence  7AM at The Post

Father’s Day Prayer

Good job by ALL – Thanks for having me – Deuce

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