Free coupons at The Fort

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  • When: 10/14/2023
  • QIC: Tron
  • The PAX: Farah & Farah, Updraft, Loudmouth, Heist, Pyro

Cloudy, dark, yet comfortable at The Fort this morning.  All veteran pax in attendance, so we quickly moved to a Warmup.


Don Quixote IC

Chinooks IC

Hillbillies IC

Reachers IC

Mountain Climbers IC

The Thang – Round 1

Run to Goal Posts


  • 10 sandbag/ruck/Cindy squat thrusters
  • 5 burpees

Run to Goal Posts

  • 10 Reverse lunges w/ coupon of choice
  • 5 coupon swings

Run to Goal Posts

  • 10 coupon merkins (alt. merkins optional)
  • 5 American Hammers (2 count – coupons optional)

Run to Goal Posts

  • 20 Bench/floor press
  • 10 Bicep Curls

Run to Goal Posts

The Thang – Round 2

Circuit Training – Farmer Carries as the Pacer

Eight different workout stations were created, with one pax doing 120 yards of farmers carries with 2- 30 lb sand kettlebells on every round.  Exercises included Blockees, Mahktar N’Diayes, Farmer Carries, Bonnie Blairs, Ground-to-Overhead, Coupon Flutter Kicks, Mountain Climbers, and Single Arm/Bent-Over Rows.  Those sandbags got heavy!  Cindys, Rucksacks, Sandbags, and Sand Kettlebells were FREE to use by one and all.

The Thang – Round 3  

Mosey to Pavilion.  A quick round of 11’s as CHAD 1000x “prep”, with step-ups and squats as exercises of choice.  Then another round of 11’s, utilizing dips and derkins.  A mosey back to midfield and time was called, exactly one hour in.  Time flies when it’s free and it’s fun!

COT – I shared a COT speech from a Q at F3 Delta in Sacramento that was probably the best quick summary of what F3 embodies, at least in YHC’s opinion.  Worth a listen, it’s posted on Slack.

Announcements, prayer, pledge.  As I reflect on the morning, with all my Q mishaps and technology challenges aside, it’s so important for all pax to step up and Q.  It’s really NOT about the quality of the workout, it’s more about stepping forward, leading as best you can, and serving your fellow HIMs.  Always an honor to lead.



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