New AO Launched in Jacksonville Region RC

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Warm Ups

side straddle hop, goofball, little baby arms circles forward and back, michael Phelps oyo, stretch legs, Don quoexte, reachers, left and right stretch, and hillbilly’s.

The Thang

As many rounds as possible field 15 reps each station. 11’s dips and v-ups, and ladders 🪜 . Had to end ladders early with special flag presentation as this was our first Convoy.

COT – named 4 FNGs
Prayer requests traveling a family illness and injury. Announce 📣 upcoming run event.


Thanks @Snuffleupagus for making the shovelflag. Well done! Lots of nicknames given today. Spiderverse, Scorecard, Popeyes, Rudy, and waiting to name the fifth FNG next week. Spiderverse and Scorecard have the flag. Thanks @Extinguisher for helping the launch. Thanks @lifo, @Eileen, and @Bruiser leading!

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