Garagemania – TACMO

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  • When: 10/18/2023
  • QIC: PUD
  • The PAX: Poquito, snuffy, airdrop, Hey Big Papi, Seatdown, hey boss, Miss Daisy, bubble wrap, Screwdriver

Conditions Report: 🌦 52% Perfect Running Weather

Warm-Up: 🏃‍♂️ Arrived early and did a DYI warm-up.

The Main Event: ⏰ At precisely 5:30, the group split into two determined teams. One set out to conquer the bridges with a brisk walk, while the others aimed to conquer every parking garage south of the river. Notably, Jumanji, Septum, Lego, Pyro, BigBird, Sewerpipe, and PNR were missing in action.

The parking garage squad set off with incredible enthusiasm, determined to tackle all the garages in their path. First, we took on the Stein Garage, maneuvering up and down the ramps and then proceeded to the Heartbreak Hotel where Seatdown opted for the scenic route running every inch of the garage, all while avoiding a potential security chase.

Feeling daring, we continued to the JOI Garage, repeating our ramp routine with contagious enthusiasm.

With time ticking, we ventured onward to the Baptist Garage, wondering if we had enough time. We sprinted up eight levels of fun and at 6:10 chose to take the stairs down, just barely making it back to rejoin the group at 6:15.

COT: 🙏 We came together for a moment of prayer and the Pledge. Most notably praying for Mrs Seatdown’s surgery at noon today & for Seatdown to remain strong while stress levels are high.

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