Dora is Tired

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  • When: 11/4/23
  • QIC: ummm Me. Bowzer
  • The PAX: Extinguisher, Bowzer

I advertised on next-door that we would be doing a park cleanup followed by a men’s work out. Three people expressed interest but oddly none of them showed up. I was happily surprised to see Extinguisher get out of his car. Not only was it a royal visit, but I could finally do that Dora.
At 7 o’clock, I gave the disclaimers, and we did a brief warm-up, followed by a short mosey around the neighborhood, and then launched into the thing.
Thing 1
5 rounds of:
10 Cindy curls
8 overhead press
6 goblet squats
4 Alpos
2 Blockees
Pick up 10 pieces of trash -Repeat
Thing 2
Tabata 45 seconds of work- move to next station. 3 Rounds
Station one Round 1. Merkins, round 2. Dips, round 3. Derkins
Station two round 1. Curls, round 2. overhead press, round 3.goblet squats
Station 3. round 1. v-ups, round 2. BBSU, round 3. birth canals
Station 4. round 1. Burpees, round 2. Don Quixotes, round 3. Squat jumps.
I had something else planned for the last section but in the field was a big ass tire. Inspiration HIT!!!
Thing 3
Tired Dora 123
100 overhead press
200 squats
300 crunches
While Pax 1 is doing the exercise, the other tire flips to the half court line and runs back. Pax one runs to the tire and flips it back. Omaha on the LBCs- We ran the length of the court. ( I went back after the beatdown and grabbed the tire. I have something planned for future beatdowns.)


Prayers for our kids and Kyra(?) dealing with cancer. Pledge.
I am so grateful  XT came out. It was good to catch up and I needed the encouragement. Love you brother.

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