Move and PT @ The Fort

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  • When: 11/04/2023
  • QIC: Tron - (RR)
  • The PAX: Farah & Farah (RR), Heist, Loudmouth (R), Bruiser, Jiu Jitsu

Six pax were on hand for the perfect temps (and imperfect lighting, until the time change this weekend) at The Fort AO.  Great having Jiu Jitsu back for his second consecutive Saturday post!!  Welcome and Disclaimers were made.


Don Quixotes IC

Side Straddle Hops IC

Michael Phelps IC

Toy Soldiers IC

Did YHC forget one exercise, maybe??  Waiting for daylight, we added in a 400m mosey thru the parking lot to the pavilion, and on back to the football field for “THE THANG”.


With no full moon, no lights in the park, and Weinke in hand but not visible, we headed to the 40 yard line for movement and PT, the general theme of the workout. For the first segment of the beatdown, we proceeded to do a close facsimile of the following:

Lunge 20 yards to the 20, then 25 merkins

Bear Crawl back 20 yards to the 40, then 50 BBSU’s

100 yard Cindy carry (overhead) to the goal post/endline and back to the 40

Lunge 20 yards to the 20, then 25 V-Ups

Bear Crawl back to the 40, then 50 Cindy squats

100 yard Cindy carry (farmers) to the goal post/endline and back to the 40

Lunge 25 yards to the 15, then 25 Bobby Hurleys

Reverse Lunge back to the 40, then 50 Cindy bench/floor presses

100 yard Cindy carry (pax choice of carry type) to the goal post/endline and back to the 40

Lunge 30 yards to the 10, then 25 BBSU’s

Bear Crawl (mode called by Bruiser) back to the 40, then 50 Cindy curls

I think we then skipped the goal post carry and carried our Cindys over to the pavillion (same carry, really)

At the pavilion, we threw in 50 Step-Ups for good measure, then carried our Cindys back to the 40 yard line.


The Weinke was now completely visible, poor eyesight notwithstanding and YHC going off-script half the time, I think we added 10 burpees at this juncture.

Suicides were next on the menu, as follows:

Start at the 40 yard line, run/sprint to the 30-20-10-goal and back, with every return to the 40 yard start line we did 20 reps of PT, so that every exercise rep count totaled 80 reps once we were done with each round of suicides.  Exercises performed were possibly as follows:

20 merkins x 4 = 80 merkins

20 squats x 4 = 80 squats

Flutter Kicks (4 ct.) x 4 = 80 Flutters

Overhead Claps x 4 = 80 O/H Claps

With a couple minutes of time remaining, we did a semi-quick mosey around the perimeter of the football field, with time at one hour exactly being called.


Count-o-Rama, Name-o-Rama, Announcements, Prayer Requests

Announcements included the Christmas Party signups, Whisky exchange.  Prayer and thanks for the gift of movement, encouragement to reach out to an old friend, neighbor, etc and offer a smile and helping hand.  Do good and serve.



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