Cold Spell

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  • When: 11/30/2023
  • QIC: Tron - (RR)
  • The PAX: LIFO (R), Bruiser, D-Nice, Septum, D5, Updraft (RR), Extinguisher (R)

We are experiencing an early season 41 degrees, way up here in NE Florida, so the beatdown was aptly deemed “Cold Spell”.  The goal was to keep in constant motion for the entire beatdown.  We mostly succeeded.  All familiar pax were present, and all AO regulars to boot.  Pleasantries were limited, as we had to start moving!


Butt Kicks IC

Don Quixotes IC

100m run to the street light, then 20 merkins OYO

100m run (+/-) back to the park gate, then 20 SSHs OYO


3 rounds, with each round consisting of 3 exercises, with running in between each exercise.  The run portion was as follows: Runs were to the stop sign (400m) after 15 rep exercises, to the street light (200m) after 30 rep exercises, and to the park gate (100m) after 45 rep exercises.  In the end, we ran about 2 miles total (my watch said 1.98 mi).

Explanation of the exercises was sparse, due to Extinguisher hassling the Q (likely because YHC hassled D5 on Tuesday during his Q).  Paybacks are common at Chop Shop.

Round 1    Blockees – 15 reps, then run

Leg Raises w/ Cindy – 30 reps, then run

Bent Over Rows – 45 reps, then run

Round 2    OMB’s* – 15 reps, then run

Step Ups (Cindy Optional) – 30 reps, then run

Flutters w/ Cindy (4 ct.) – 45 reps, then run

Round 3    Pull-ups (or Dead Hang) – 15 reps, then run

Squat Thrusters – 30 reps, then run

Merkins – 45 reps, then run

Time remaining was limited, so we finished with a very short  2 round AMRAP, using the C-O-L-D acronym, 20 reps, then 5 reps

C = Crunches (LBC’s) 20 + 5

O = Overhead Claps 20 + 5

L = Reverse Lunges 20 + 5

D = Derkins 20+ 20

Circle of Trust

Thought for the day was Patience, Perseverance, and Prayer.  YHC’s #2 daughter, at 38 yrs old, just got engaged.  We are thrilled for her, as it’s been a long road to be alone for that length of time.  Appreciate your soulmates, in other words.

Announcements and Prayer: Christmas Party, Whisk(e)y Exchange (spelling only to satisfy Heist), Trinity Rescue Mission gift collection for kids in shelter (more to come from Septum on that!!), and prayer for our Nantan XT traveling to North Texas.

We closed with an Our Father and Pledge of Allegiance. An honor to lead.

*Old Man Blockees (come to Chop Shop to find out!)




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