You only Fail if you Quit

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  • When: 12/06/2023
  • QIC: D-Day
  • The PAX: Frank The Tank, Mayday, Drainage, Spaghettios, Raw Dog, Check Please, Mr. Smooth, SweetChild, Bada Boom, Sandy

Welcome and disclaimer



You can only fail if you quit!

Life get’s lifey – not always sunshine Rainbows, unicorns, puppys and BJ’s – life is full of Challenges (at home, at work, health, and just everyday living) Setbacks, but don’t quit.


Warm up:


Down Dog

Peter Parker left/right

ChumbaWumba burpees with Hillbillies for “active rest”

Mosey to the field

The Thang:

Starburst / 4 corners AMRAP:

Middle cone – 5 Burpees

Corner cones – 15 Mountain climbers (each leg x 15), 15 Monkey Humpers, 15 lunges (15 each leg), 15 Jump squats.


Do 5 burpees at the center, sprint to a corner, do the exercise, come back to the center and do 5 burpees, continue around the corners as many times as possible.

Mosey back to The Post.

4 minute Abs with Sally and BBSU’s


Countarama and COT

Hard to identify the QIC in this picture, there is far too much clothing!  Sorry to disappoint the fans!


Music – all about not quitting:

Starting Over – Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Everybody Hurts – REM

Tubthumping – Chumba Wumba

Head Games – Foreigner

Eye of the tiger – survivor

It’s my life – Bon Jovi

We are the champions – queen

Never Surender – Cory Hart

I won’t back down – Tom Petty

Rise to it – Kiss

Hold On – Kansas

Still Standing – Elton John

Green Sally up – Moby

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