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Pre-Blast: 5th Annual KRAKEN CSAUP

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  • When: 2/17/2024
  • QIC: Aquaman, Extinguisher, Left Turn
  • The PAX: F3Jax Pax plus guests and visitors

Get Ready to Dive into the Abyss: F3 Jax’s CSAUP “The Kraken” Roars into its 5th Anniversary!

Mark your calendars pax: The Kraken returns AGAIN to Jacksonville on February 17, 2024!

“Success is not necessarily walking up on the stage and winning the award, but rather, do people feel the impact of your job, your words, your presence.  Early on, yes, I wanted the plaque on the wall.  But you can’t hug a plaque and look into a plaque’s eyes and tell it that it matters.  That’s what we tell men – that whatever the challenge, they can do it.”

The time has come to tighten your laces, brace yourselves, and prepare for one of our greatest tests of grit and determination. The thunderous echoes of F3 Jax’s infamous CSAUP event, “The Kraken,” are once again upon us, and this time, it’s bigger, bolder, and fiercer than ever as we celebrate the 5th Anniversary on February 17, 2024!

Picture this: A pre-dawn sky painted with the hues of anticipation, a fellowship of PAX ready to face the unknown, and the undeniable energy that crackles through the air. The Kraken has become more than just an event; it’s a rite of passage, a crucible of physical and mental strength, and a way to push yourself and your brothers to conquer the challenge ahead of us

But, as we embark on this thrilling journey, let us not forget the power we hold to make a difference beyond the bounds this CSAUP. As we navigate the trials the Kraken on its 5th Anniversary, let us also take a moment to recognize our collective strength in supporting the men and women in need at Trinity Rescue Mission. Just as we conquer our personal milestones, let’s extend our hands to uplift those facing life’s challenges, embodying the true spirit of brotherhood.

It’s time to accept the challenge …  to push yourself to another level … to make a difference in your community … and to continue to honor the man quoted above – Jeff “Heisenberg” McCrea

The goal for 2024: $15,000.

We’re also continuing a tweak we added in 2023: a friendly Regional Challenge between River City and First Coast 

So come join us this year.  As usual it’s a choose your own adventure CSAUP: Run it, ruck it, bike it, walk it, whatever – just come on out, have fun, push yourself, and help us make a difference.  As Heisenberg perfectly put it, “It’s a beautiful thing that a bunch of men can get together and work out and get better and make the community better.”

The Important Information:

DATE: February 17th, 2024
START (Poseidon AO / Sunshine Park): 6:30am ruckers BOM, 7:00am runners BOM, 7:30am bikers BOM.
Donation Link:  Click Here to Donate to Trinity Rescue Mission
Order Your Shirt Now: F3 Jax Kraken CSAUP Shirts


Come and be part of slaying The Kraken.

What is the Kraken CSAUP?

In the cold of the night, peering into the dark of the sea, ancient mariners whispered to themselves and one another, “in mari multa latent” – in the ocean many things are hidden.

In Nordic legend, the most fearful of what lurked unseen was the Kraken, a beast that rose from rolling waves of wet blackness to tower over the tallest mast of any ship before wrapping its massive tentacles around the vessel and laying waste to it and its crew.

In mari multa latent… In our own lives, like the ocean, much hides beneath the surface.  Our own Krakens – the personal demons that lay within us – take many forms, each seeking, like the mythical sea monster, to drag us to depths of emotional and physical ruin.

As brothers of F3, we come together to steel our bodies and minds, so that in a world rife with disease, divisiveness and despair, we may overcome whatever challenges arise to steadfastly serve our friends, our families, and our God. We strengthen ourselves by testing one another, by pushing beyond perceived boundaries, and realizing that we can be – that we must be – better tomorrow than we are today. Indeed, there’s a newer saying we tell each other in the gloom – “nothing grows in the comfort zone.”


Important F3 Jax Kraken CSAUP Information:

The Kraken launches from the Poseidon AO (Sunshine Park) at 6:30a.m (ruckers) and 7:00a.m (runners)

From there, the 16+ mile course will take you to Jax Beach. 

You’ll head south on the beach (for approximately 8 miles) to Mickler’s Landing, then you’ll turn out onto Ponte Vedra Blvd and begin the 8+ mile trip back to Poseidon.

The course will include at least 4 pain stations for “extra credit” beatdowns and hydration and fuel will be provided as well.

Ruck it, run it, bike it, team-up to do it with a partner, whatever – just do it!

All funds raised will be presented to Trinity Rescue Mission at the end of the event.

Our goal for 2024: at least $15,000 raised for Trinity Rescue Mission.

Bring some refreshments and enjoy some F2 with your bros afterward.

Sign up: Kraken 2024 or fill out the embed form below:


Map of the course:

f3 jax csaup kraken map route


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