Chop Shop Sandbag Beatdown

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  • When: 04/02/2024
  • QIC: Tron (DR)
  • The PAX: Farah&Farah (DR), Updraft (DR), LIFO (R), Extinguisher (R), Eileen (R), D5, Bruiser, Septum

Seemed like a good time for a dedicated sandbag workout at Chop Shop.  We had a solid group of 9 seasoned (read:mostly old) pax, all dedicated cult members.  Disclaimers and F3 Mission Statement were proclaimed.


Don Quixotes IC (selected by Farah)

Goofballs IC

Abe Vigodas IC (slower than normal DG’s???)

Chinooks IC

Reachers IC

Michael Phelps OYO




35 minute AMRAP (we actually just went to the full time remaining…closer to 40 minutes) of the following rounds:

Sandbag Carry 400m

30 Sandbag Front/Zercher Squats

20 Merkins

15 Sandbag Deadlifts

10 Sandbag Overhead Push Press

5 Burpees (sandbag optional)

The pax were given the option after the first round of shortening the Sandbag Carry, which simply meant they returned to the PT portion sooner.  Most pax opted to stick to the 400m carry for most of the beatdown.

Really good beatdown, a little different, and seemingly effective.  Simple, too….any numbskull could Q this one, as I clearly demonstrated!


Count-o-Rama, Name-o-Rama, Prayers included for my M (Lisa) for favorable test results in the coming days, for Septum’s neighbor Linda, and unspoken prayers for XT’s trip to Texas with family and moving his son there, Eileen’s 2.0 with his new job, and other unspoken prayers as well.

Announcements included Deuce’s 3-on-3 tourney this weekend, Vanguard launch in St. Mary’s by Woodshed, Apryle Showers 10k, Convergence and new region launch at Boondocks (4/27), Swamp Thang in May, and other stuff I can’t recall.

Word of the Day was “Apologies”.  Sometimes it’s easier to apologize for being wrong or misunderstood than remaining silent and fracturing a relationship.  I was reminded of this by my smart-aleck comment to Updraft at coffeeteria on Saturday.  All in jest, and I think taken as such, but you never know when your words or actions are misinterpreted and cause a misunderstanding that if not addressed, can linger and fester and cause real harm.  Sometimes just owning up to your own stupidity is pretty smart stuff!

The morning was good, and prepared us all for a good day!  An honor and privilege to lead!

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