Pre-Irma Block Party & SURVIVAL

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  • When: 9/7/17
  • QIC: Drone
  • The PAX: Big Bird, Snuffy, Flounder, Xenu, Dr. Okie, Throat Swab, Septum, LIFO, PUD, Feud, Earshot, Twinsie, Synapse, SOC, Toxic

16 pax posted at BOHICA for a pre-hurricane block party in the gloom.  Some had done their block shopping homework, some hadn’t, but thanks to Xenu’s generosity there were more than enough coupons to go around.

Conditions: Irmagherd, low hurmurdity in Flehrduh!


  • 15 x Don Quixote
  • 15 x Cotton Pickers
  • 10 x LBAC fwd/bkwd
  • 10 x BAC fwd/bkwd
  • 10 x Blockpees (OYO) – burpees with overhead press instead of jumping

The Thang:

With Irma approaching, YHC thought it was important to revisit the topic of mental toughness and survival skills.  There’s an acronym – SURVIVAL – used by the outdoor and military communities that YHC thought would be helpful, even though some of the principles aren’t directly applicable to hurricanes.  With some minor modification, they can serve as a useful memory framework when you find yourself in an unfamiliar and stressful situation such as a hurricane or its aftermath.

  • S – Size up the situation
    • Suicides on basketball court:
      • Round 1 – 10 squats with overhead block at each baseline
      • Round 2 – 10-15-20-25 Irkins on your block at each baseline
  • U – Undue haste makes waste
    • 20 x Upright block row (IC)
  • R – Remember where you are
    • Rock-a-bye baby – 1 rep is start with block at chest, thrust overhead, back to chest, straight out, back to chest, left, back to chest, right
    • Q goofed on counting in cadence with this one and we finished OYO
  • V – Vanquish fear and panic
    • 10 x V-ups with overhead block (OYO)
  • I – Improvise
    • Mosey back to field
    • Inchworms from baseline to cone and back, add Merkins on the first half
  • V – Value the people around you
    • 12 x V-ups with overhead block (OYO)
  • A – Act like the natives
    • 20 x American Hammer with block (OYO)
  • L – Learn basic skills
    • 20 x Lion King – squat to overhead block press starting with block at chest level

More info on SURVIVAL:

With 8 minutes to go, the pax took on a Greta 1-2-3, knowing that they would have to fight another day to complete it.

(Modified) Greta 1-2-3 – Same structure as Dora (Greta is her Icelandic cousin), one pax runs while the other does exercises

  • 100 Derkins on block
  • 200 Block swings (Kettle bell swing)
  • 300 Squat to overhead press

Most teams made it about halfway through their block swings before time ran out.  YHC encouraged each pair of partners to find out each other’s hurricane readiness and/or evacuation plan to ensure no pax falls through the cracks as the storm approaches this weekend.


  • College Pick’em and Fantasy Football
  • First group bike ride tomorrow, 0530 @ Southside Baptist on Hendricks – bring a helmet and lights!


  • OTC – ending graveyard shift at Pepsi, hoping to rejoin pax soon; continued prayers for Ashley’s battle with cancer
  • Alyssa – on emergency response team for Irma
  • Flounder – will be working 16-hr. days for JEA after storm until power is restored

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