As in the workout, as in life… The Billy GOAT

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  • When: 9/25/17
  • QIC: SeatDown
  • The PAX: BigBird, Drone, Jumanji, Septum, Dr. Okie, Bing, ThroatSwab, SeatDown

A record breaking (I think) 8 PAX rolled up to once again tackle the mountain and vie for the Billy GOAT crown.  A ridiculously painful beat down that challenges each PAX to conquer and re-conquer a half mile ascent that leaves you 80 feet higher than you started; with some exercises at the base for a breather.  It was a MAX effort day for all guys and Y(Prideful)C did all he could to not be lapped by the leaders.  Great seeing some more faces to #KesselRun and always good to see the competition and encouragement as PAX pass each other while in agony.

With that said….. Congratulations to Drone for breaking away at the end and powering through to take home the Billy GOAT title!  T-Claps to BigBird who led much of the way and also completed a record breaking 6 circuits.


Welcome and Disclaimer (known for our implied disclaimers, it seemed like a good idea to cover all basis before this beat down)

Warm Up: .5 mi’ish warm up to some high knees, butt kickers, and long strides

The Thang (The Billy GOAT):

  • Start at foot of the Elmo Acosta Bridge
  • Run to the top / Slap the metal pole / Come back down the way you came
  • 10 Merkins and 20 LBCs at the base
  • Repeat for 30 min
  • Whoever completes the most gets the illustrious title of The Billy GOAT

Mosey back to the flag for COT with the Venice Beach PAX


  • Shortening the warm up from 1 mi to .5 mi helped ensure we got a full 30 min on the bridge
  • YHC still believes the 2nd climb is the worst because you still think you can stride like the 1st effort but slowly get soul crushed as reality sets in
    • Most PAX seem to think that each climb was harder than the previous – there is some logic there too
  • T-Claps to Jumanji for being the first non-regular to HC and Bing, Dr. Okie and ThroatSwab for stepping up as well


YHC shared on the F3 principle of “Near-Maximum Daily Effort”; focusing on 1)bringing it in the AM positively affects all aspects of your life thereafter and 2)We cannot achieve those results on our own.  The sooner we embrace that, the better men we will be.

  • We cannot forget that there are people all around us that are and will be affected by the storm – may we have eyes to see needs and heart willing to help
  • Patience, love, and wisdom for parenting
  • T-Claps to BigBird for stepping in and helping his girlfriend in the AM… resulting in some missed W/Os but gaining some serious man/eternal points


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