Earn Your Trident Every Day

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  • When: 01/27/2018
  • QIC: Bada Bing
  • The PAX: Moonwalk, The Force, Twister, Papa Smurph, Zamboni, Kramer, Seinfeld, Wrangler, (FNG) Shake 'n Bake, Outhouse, (FNG) NipTuck

12 PAX posted at Poseidon for an epic beatdown. YHC had Rage Against the Machine playing to get the energy levels up. In preparation for this beatdown YHC had been reading Hal Moores “We were soldiers once and Young” and Mark Devine’s “Way of the Seal”. This beatdown would be unique because it would test our mental toughness as well as test all aspects of our physical abilities: Strength, Stamina, Work Capacity, Endurance and Durability. We will push our physical and mental limits to pursue personal excellence in order to conquer any task or challenge we face. We will Earn our Trident! Earn Trident

What is the meaning of the phrase “Earn Your Trident? Well it’s three fold. First, the Trident is the weapon of Poseidon (the name of our AO); you will “Earn Your Trident” through every ounce of sweet you create at Poseidon. Second, in present times Poseidon’s Trident is a badge of honor earned by U.S. Navy SEALs after passing BUD/S (including Hell Week). Finally, for purposes of F3, the significance of “Earn Your Trident” means commitment to excellence, leadership, discipline and never quitting in all areas of life for the main purpose of serving God, family and others. To be able to help others, a man must first help himself!

As we circle up around the shovel flag YHC tell the PAX that today we are going to “Earn our Trident” which requires that we sharpen our sword of excellence. Iron Sharpens Iron. YHC heightens awareness to optimize performance having the PAX look to the men on their left and right and tell them today…”I will not quit and I will not let you quit.” This is the PAX “red pill” to make the choice between the hard-true and the easy-false. #DFQ

The Warmorama (COP)

  • 20 SSH IC
  • 10 Reachers IC
  • 15 Michael Phelps IC
  • 15 Hillbilly’s IC
  • 10 Chinook Squats IC
  • 10 Stump Huggers IC
  • Indian Run half-lap around the heart trail to show the PAX some fun torture devices then over to the concrete skate park that everyone has been dying to explore. 
  • Jump up a wall to a nice concrete bench for some incline merkins that looked made for 12 PAX. 
  • Go for a swim in an empty pool. All PAX gladly jump in, charge to the other side to run up the side of an approx. 8′ deep pool Ninja Warrior Warped Wall style straight into about a 4′ deep worm bowl. Good times! Earn  Trident

The Thang

“Heavy Dora Leg-o-Rama”

All PAX made it to the basketball court where YHC had piled high his famous 40lb coupons

YHC dropped some SEAL knowledge “Destiny will favor me if I am prepared in body, mind and spirit. Train hard everyday” …and then Earn Your Trident began! Earn  Trident

Partner Up

  1. P1: Squats w/Coupon while P2: Sprints down/back basketball court to receive said coupon until 100 Squats are completed as a pair. 
  2. P1: Reverse Duck Walks holding coupon close to chest while P2: Does Mountain Climbers. When P1 gets to end of court P2 sprints to P1 to take coupon. Reverse and Repeat until 200 Mountain Climbers are completed as a pair. 
  3. P1: Forward Lunges holding coupon overhead P2: Burpees. When P1 gets to end of court P2 sprints to P1 to take coupon. Reverse and Repeat until 50 Burpees are completed as a pair. Earn  Trident

Legs completely gassed and arms covered in black dirt! In other news FNGs Nip Tuck and Shake ‘n Bake paired up together and are killing it.  

In other, other news “Only one coupon was injured in the making of this beatdown” 

“SEAL Fit Test”

PAX starting to realize that the only easy day was yesterday as we head over to the main event where PAX go through the healthy process of pitting oneself against another man in an objectively measurable endeavor. Earn  Trident

PAX Partner Up

  • Max rep pull ups
  • Max Big Boy sit-ups in 1 minute 
  • Max push-ups in 1 minutes 

Highly impressed with a 47 year old West Virginian who paid the man 20 pull-ups . Also impressed with a Yoga lovin’ Brett Favre look-alike for banging out 20 pull-ups. Strong work; but the pride prize goes to Moonwalk for posting 26 pull-ups!!!

On average PAX did 40-50 sit-ups ea. and 50-60 pushups ea. Earn  Trident

We were now starting to feel that infectious strength of spirit and manifestation of perseverance.

“Johnny Roscoes”

There was some friendly mummblechatter on Slack this week about an Ultimate Football Superbowl…maybe some words about Beach PAX being soft. YHC took the PAX to the football field to get down and dirty. That’s right, the ole’ up/down football drill for 100 Yards. Bring it on JaxPax! 

“Seek to improve myself, my team and the world everyday” Earn  Trident

  1. Align PAX across the goal line
  2. PAX high knee while running in place
  3. PAX perform up-downs (falling to the ground, butt roll, merkin, up, next cone)

The Finishing School “Earn Your Trident” Mile 

YHC took PAX back to where we began this day for Finishing School to Tap into their Mental Toughness and so they could see what each man was made of all the while reminding the PAX of DFQ.  Mission accomplishment is always the Team’s first priority! This is the real test of Endurance. Earn  Trident

“There is no free lunch: I must work harder than expected and be more patient than others” Earn  

3 groups of 4 men for a staggered start. YHC teamed up with Zamboni and the 2 FNGs who turned out to be muy impresionante! Warrior Spirits indeed!

1 Mile Run  (2.5 Laps) 4/10th of a mile lap lined with torture devices and 3 sand volleyball courts.Trident

  • 20 Dips each lap on parallel bars
  • Everyone gets Sugar Cookies each lap (All PAX passes test by getting very, very sandy)
    • Court 1: Army Crawl though sand
      • (1 Burpee)
    • Court 2: Bear Crawl through sand
      • (1 Burpee)
    • Court 3: Broad Jump through sand
      • (1 Burpee)
  • Monkey Bars
  • Rinse and Repeat all exercises on each lap for a total of 3 rounds and 1 mile

“6 Minutes of Mary”

PAX do American Hammers, Flutter Kicks, LBC’s, Box Cutters, Peter Parkers, Parker Peters (30 seconds each) while two PAX do leg raises on overhead hang bars (All PAX have one round of overhead hang leg raises) DONE! Earn  Trident

COT/BOM: Earn Trident

Named two FNGs – Shake ‘n Bake and Nip Tuck Earn  Trident

YHC shared Hebrews 12:11 says “No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.”

Prayed for guys on IR and for Wrangler’s knee. Earn  Trident

Earn  Trident F3 Nation


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