Sand Crab – VQ!!

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  • When: 02/19/18
  • QIC: Sand Crab
  • The PAX: Full Monty (respect), Outhouse, Gizzard, Check Please, Cousin Eddie, Crash, Kramer, Happy Feet, Snooki, Peg,  Squeege (respect), Skim, Bada Bing, Air Bags (respect), Bullwinkle

Welcome – Sand Crab VQ  — ACCOUNTABILITY

16 F3 Men showed up ready to give it all they had.  The Q reminded the team that this month was all about Accountability.  Today, EVERYTHING was done with a partner and both partners were accountable to each other.  ALL exercises were done in cadence with your partner, with the direction from the Q to push each other but not to leave your partner behind.  A few wagon wheels were needed to keep the full PAX together.

F3 men in attendance today:  Full Monty, Outhouse, Gizzard, Check Please, Cousin Eddie, Crash, Kramer, Happy Feet, Snooki, Peg,  Squeege, Skim, Bada Bing, Air Bags, Bullwinkle, Sand Crab


Q is not a professional so asked everyone to continue at your own risk.  Modify as needed.

Q asked F3 men to pick a partner, pick someone their size and approximate fitness level.

Everything we do today, you will do in cadence with your partner.

Let’s start exercises:

Crab Cakes in cadence

Crab walk position, raise one arm opposite leg and touch knee, repeat.

Let’s mosey and line up:

Double Applesauce

2 column Indian run – do in cadence with partner

At field, line up.


The Thang Accountability

Wheel barrel your partner to the middle

Do 5 burpees, with 5 merkins each

Wheel barrel opposite partner to the other side

Do 5 Bropees

This is high 5 your partner on the jump

Leap frog back to start

Do LBCs until the PAX is all in.


Bear Crawl to the center

Do 4 burpees with 4 merkins

Bear crawl to the end do 4 Bropees

Lunge back, in cadence with your partner and touch elbow to ankle

Do LBCs until PAX is in


Run to center

Do 3 burpees with 3 merkins, each merkin clap your hands (Clurpee)

Run to end

Do 3 Bropees

Run back to start

Do LBCs until pax is in


Crab walk to the center

Do 2 burpees and 2 merkins

Crab walk to the end

Do 2 bropees

Run back

Do LBCs until pax is in


Lunge to the center

Do 1 burpee and 1 merkin, this time hands free and clap

Lunge to the end

Do 1 bropee

Run back

Do LBCs until PAX is in


Double Applesauce off the field, down to the end, and back to the flag.

One quick exercise.  Then out again with a Double Applesauce, stopped in parking like for 3 Bropees, in cadence, started up the Double Applesauce, stopped about for 5 more Bropees, started running again, then Q directed everyone to run back wards back to the flag.

Circle up, Q lead men in a pigion stretch, then a shoulder stand or head stand.


Count-orama (16) and Name-orama

Huddle up

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