Will Work 4…

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  • When: 03/26/18
  • QIC: Heisenberg
  • The PAX: Toxic, Twister, and Heisenberg

What are you working for? Or Better Yet, Whom?

Monday Gloom: Threat of rain, cold temperature, and a beatdown didn’t deter 3 PAX from posting. Obviously they wanted to put in the work and not be outdone by a 61 yr old genius. (Toxic)

Warm-o-Rama All IC x20

Michael Phelps


Don Quixote



LBAC f/b



The Thang:

Mosey to tennis pavilion where YHC had some “personalized” pain planned.

Each #HIM had a preset workout based on their name and the key located below.

I had high hopes for some other F’ers to show but I’ll hold on to them for next time.  Here is a sample of the fun that ensued.

After each man completed his personalized beatdown, we then passed them to the right and started working out for our “named” brother next to us.  I encouraged each man to pray, bless, and encourage the man and his family as they endured the pain realizing that we are here not for our own purpose, but for the #HIM sharing air beside us.

After round 2 we moseyed back to the COT and Name-o-Rama.

Prayers for Toxic’s neighbor Keith and his health/attitude. Twister’s friend who is about to lose his father and his family.

Continue to pray for Uncle Robbie and Aunt Clara who both have cancer.

Ended with this. “When brothers agree, no fortress is so strong as their common life”- Antistenes

Priviledged to lead,


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