Piriformis Performance

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  • When: 5/23/18
  • QIC: Bada Bing
  • The PAX: Outhouse, McDreamy (respect), Seinfeld, Yard Sale, Inside Out, Pom Pom, Squeege (respect), Airbags (respect), Happy Feet

10 PAX posted for Badabroga in the Badlands for an anatomy lesson on stretching and get some myofascial release in the hips, low back and specifically the piriformis muscle. What the heck is a piriformis (see Wikipedia)? Essentially it is the muscle in the gluteal region of the lower limb that can often get irritated and feel a lot like sciatica. It is actually a very important muscle that men should be stretching on a daily basis to relieve pain from sitting for long periods of time. YHC gave some commentary throughout on some daily stretching routines to eliminate pain and restore motion but first “big shoutout” to Happy Feet for mosquito bombing the AO. Clutch move as the weather in the swamp warms. Bug spray applied for extra protection and let the games begin.

Naked Moleskin: Po-Po 5.0 gets a healthy dose of Monkey Humping PAX as the tradition states

Check out more on piriformis stretching here and daily stretching here


  • Mountain Post + Shoulder Stretches
  • Limp Member + Bent Knees
  • 10 Michael Phelps IC
  • 6 LBACs both directions IC
  • 10 Hillbillies IC
  • 15 Merkins IC
  • Cat Cows
  • Flat Back Twists
  • Childs Pose Thread Needle
  • Peck/Shoulder Stretch

Low Back

  • Limp Member + Bent Knees
  • 10 Reachers IC
  • Downward Dog + Calf Stretches
  • Three Leg Dog Left and Right
  • Upward Dog
  • Seated Forward Fold
  • Half Dragon Fly (both sides)
  • Twisted Deer
  • Supine Twists
  • Half Happy Babies because Full Happy Baby would be too weird for dudes

Warrior Pose Sequence

  • Warrior 1 on both sides
  • Warrior 2 on both sides
  • Reverse Warriors x 5 (both sides)
  • Extended Side Angle pose on both sides
  • Triangle Pose on both sides
  • Vinyasa Flows (Highplank, Lowplank, Updog, Downdog, etc.)


  • Pyramid Poses
  • Deep Seated Squat (Noted, Seinfeld looks like an MLB catcher)
  • 10 Hip Flexor Deep Squat Side Lunges (lots of PAX mummblechatter)
  • Low Lunges Dragon Pose Sequence
  • Half Splits (Men should never do full splits, ever)
  • Half Pigeon Pose (best stretch you can ever do, everday)
  • Full Pigeon Pose (PAX wanted the full pigeon so they get the full pigeon regardless of ensuing pain it brings)
  • Seated Single Leg Twist
  • Monkey Humpers (for Po-Po appearance)


  • PAX discuss upcoming Terrain Race and other OCR events in the coming months.
  • Prayers for those on IR including Seinfelds knee
  • Talk of Biking day Q’d by Seinfeld starting next Tuesday
  • Memorial Day Murph
  • Tinkle singing National Anthem on June 2nd at Jumbo Shrimp Game…don’t miss this event!
  • Seinfeld performing comedy at Gypsy Cab Co. on July 20th…don’t miss this event!
  • 5 posted for Coffeteria after Broga at the local Brobucks


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