Be Disciplined Warriors

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  • When: 08/15/18
  • QIC: Bada Bing
  • The PAX: Squeege (respect), Papa Smurf (double respect), Blackout (respect), Biscuit, Gravy, FNG- Tighty Whiteys, Shinola, Seinfeld, Gas Cap, Kodak, Peg, Pom Pom, Crash, Skim, Pusher, Star 69

Holy humidity Batman, 17 PAX posted for what is known in the Badlands as Broga day. Lots of unfamiliar PAX faces, Biscuits and Gravy and even an FNG. Our largest turnout yet for Broga and today was a good one. Mummblechatter about the humidity, mosquitos and as always…will this be real broga or another Bada bait n’ switch. None of it matters because these PAX already strong armed their alarm clocks and said “No” to the voice in their heads telling them to stay in the fartsack. Appreciate this group for a lot of reasons. Today in particular we all embrace the suck (mosquito pun), drown in our own sweat and forget that the humidity is totally ruining our hair – that takes discipline. YHC taking a look at the dream team Q list this week, had to ramp up broga with two intentions. 1. To prove to PAX that broga is the real deal workout and 2. They’ve never felt more mobility than after a good broga sesh. YHC cranked up the 90s playlist and was glad to see Star 69 pulling into the parking lot at the alleged 0531 (debated but glad he posted). After 10 Burpees OYO penalty, YHC kicks off warmups while also trying to catch his breath and provide a perfect cadence. 


  1. 15 SSH IC
  2. 10 Michael Phelps IC
  3. 10 Reachers IC
  4. Straddle Deep Forward Fold
  5. 10 Tempo Squats IC
  6. 10 Tempo Merkins
  7. Hero’s Pose – Practice Breathing + Twists
  8. Childs Pose – Thread the Needle
  9. Cat Cows + Balancing Birddogs
  10. Downward Dog + Walk the Dog
  11. Three leg dog right and left
  12. Knee to Elbows (Peter Parkers)
  13. Mountain Pose + Side Body Stretch
  14. Downward Dog
  15. Low Lunge Right
  16. Low Lunge + Half Split
  17. Downward Dog
  18. Low Lunge Left
  19. Low Lunge + Half Split
  20. Downward Dog

The Thang

  1. Demonstration of Vinyasa – Mountain pose, fold forward, halfway lift, high plank, low plank, upward dog, downward dog (Repeat x3)
  2. + Chair Pose (Hold 5 breathes + 5 toes squats)
  3. Vinyasa Flow (Basically a broga burpee in between progressions)
  4. + Warrior 1 Right/Left Side >> Repeat
  5. Vinyasa Flow
  6. + Warrior 1 Right/Left Side + Warrior 2 Right/Left Side + Reverse >> Repeat
  7. Vinyasa Flow
  8. + Extended Side Angle >> Repeat both sides
  9. Vinyasa Flow
  10. 10 Merkins
  11. Vinyasa Flow
  12. + Crescent Lunges + Crescent open twist both sides
  13. Vinyasa Flow Flow
  14. + Chair Pose + Twists both sides
  15. Vinyasa Flow
  16. + Plank + High + Right Side + Left Side
  17. Vinyasa Flow
  18. + Pyramid Pose both sides
  19. Step to front of mat
  20. + Standing Leg Raise both sides
  21. + Tree Pose both sides

 Core (Roll to six)

  1. Bridge Pulses
  2. Bicycles
  3. Box Cutters
  4. Flutter Kicks
  5. Toe Reaches

Cool Down

  1. Pigeon Poses
  2. Supine Twists
  3. Lindsay Lohan – Deep Rest


Named FNG. Welcome Tighty Whiteys

Men need discipline. When we are not disciplined in one area of our lives, it seems to trickle into all areas of our lives to be undisciplined, however, when you are disciplined in one area of your life it is generally true that discipline overflows into all areas of your life. Waking up at 5am isnt easy at first but after a while it gets easier. Discipline equals freedom. 

Prayer request for Crash and family as they have to put their dog down. Also prayers for Seinfeld’s uncle who is in town. Impromptu F2 at Dicks Wings today.  

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