Encyclopedia and PQ (pain quotient) @Boondocks

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50 cent, Culpepper, Butcher, Extinguisher, and Twister (Q) conducted a “study hall” in the Tuesday gloom. Doink made a guest cameo.

Most notably was the discussion to name the Tuesday beatdown something other that Boondocks [Badlands has cornered the market on using the same name for every AO workout]. The standout names include: Thunderdome, Swamp Thing, and Huey. Final vote will be taken at this Saturday’s AO.

The Warm-Up and The Thang took us on a tour-de-encyclopedia of the F3 exercise lexicon. Unfortunately, we missed a few. We completed all exercises pictured on the Weinke with exception to the “escape tunnel,” box jumps, and a second round of Straight-Leg Imperials.

Maybe next study hall.

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