Whose is bigger?

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  • When: 11/12/2019
  • QIC: Drone
  • The PAX: Jumanji, Gekko, Feud, Bernie 4 Points, Farah & Farah, THE Barry Shinkov, Heisenberg, Septum, Eileen

YHC has heard enough mumblechatter about some coupons being heavier than others at past block beatdowns.  So 11 pax congregated around a bathroom scale in the pre-beatdown Anthill gloom to compare their equipment and see who was above (or below) average.  *cue middle school jokes* Consensus was that the average CMU is 32 lbs., with a range of +/- 2 lbs.  With that burning question answered, we meandered to the field.
  • 20 x Toy Soldier
  • 20 x Don Quixote
  • 10 x LBAC fwd/bkwd
  • 15 x Michael Phelps
  • 25 x Mountain Climbers
  • 15 x Tempo Merkin
The Substantial Thang:
Partner up, 2 circuits around the 0.2 mile sidewalk loop with 11 stops.  P1 continues exercises until P2 finishes required reps, then carry your block to the next station.  Everything except pullups and broad jumps with CMU.
  1. Max Pull ups (min 10)
  2. 20 x Walking lunge (each leg)
  3. 30 x Overhead press
  4. 20 x One arm block row on bench (each arm)
  5. 1:00 x Air chair
  6. 40 x Bench press
  7. 20 x Broad jumps
  8. 100 x Mountain climbers
  9. 20 x Block crunch ups (#crowdpleaser)
  10. 50 x Derkins
  11. 50 x Squats
CoP: With 2 min to spare, we popcorned a few last exercises:
  • Septum – SSH
  • Heisenberg – heels to heaven
Sweaty Moleskin:
  • YHC was disappointed no one wanted to borrow the new 46 lb. Megablock (Pyro’s nickname), but I guess a true HIM would try it himself first.
  • Pearl of wisdom for the day: “The best time to make friends is before you need them.” – Ethel Barrymore
  • We’ve had plenty of brothers recently who have needed brothurers and community to rally around them in difficult life circumstances.  The time to build those deep, foundational relationships is before they have to be tested – if you wait to start boarding up for a Cat 5 hurricane until you feel the wind, it’s probably too late.  So while posting to workouts is a good first step, it doesn’t automatically mean you’ll have deep relationships.  Be proactive about pursuing other men and pushing through the initial awkwardness of being deep; the investment is well worth it.


  • Gekko’s brother-in-law is donating a kidney this morning to a woman he read about in the paper who needed a transplant.  #HIM
  • F3 Jax Christmas party – Sat. Dec. 7 – SIGN UP!
  • Trinity Rescue Mission volunteering this Friday 0600 – they need more dinner knives

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