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  • When: 10/11/2021
  • QIC: PUD
  • The PAX: Heisenberg, Toxic, Mattlock, Ramsey

As your YHC rolled up to Fort Family Park he noticed Heisenberg in true Heisenberg from picking up trash – a constant example of a HIM taking care of his surroundings. His ever vigilant eye paid off in spades as he found a Greenback that will no doubt be put to good use!


10 SSH – IC

10 Burpees

LBAC – Fwd

LBAC – Bkwd

Michael Phelps

Swimmer R

Swimmer L

Calf Stretch


Jog past basketball courts to parking lot for the Updraft broad jump shuffle.

10 Burpees for the late arrival of Ramsey from NC – GPS got him lost.

Jog back to covered area.

YHC dealt 5 cards to each Pax.  Pax squatted down to place one card on the ground – face down. Then stepped forward to pace the next, etc… until all cards were on the ground. Then pax stepped backwards & squatted down to pick up the cards. Rinse & repeat * 4

Following the same sequence, cards were placed on the ground but this time face up. Pax did squats to match each card #. Rinse & repeat *2.

New cards were dealt.

Same but different – squats out, Merkins to match card # back. Rinse & repeat *2.

Lap around the parking lot.

New Cards were dealt.

Derkins & Squats to match cards.

Lap around the parking lot.

New cards were dealt.

Pull ups & Merkins to match cards. Prior to beginning the exercise, option was given to bequeath one card to another pax. No cards were exchanged.

Lap around the parking lot.

New cards were dealt.

Swerkins & squats to match cards.

New cards were dealt.

Knee tuck jumps & Derkins to match cards.

10 Burpees w/ over head clap.


Prayers for Pax – Families


Sign up for Trinity Rescue Mission

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