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  • When: 02/17/18
  • QIC: Heisenberg
  • The PAX: Synapse, Snuffy, Toxic, Xenu, Twister, Feud, LIFO, D-nice, Septum, Hollywood, Big Bird, Whiff, FnF, Schwing(FNG), Bearded Lady(FNG), Pyro, Aquaman, Bing

19 PAX gathered at ANCHOR to get better and to meet the famous Aquaman and his neighbor (FNG Bearded Lady). Today’s Beatdown is brought to you by UNO. Welcome Schwing as well!


All IC x20

Michael Phelps



BAC f/b


Cherry Pickers

Morocan Night Club

Don Quixote

The Thang: Today is all about the power of One

Indian Run Serpentine (One Line)

Circle up for Bearmuda Triangle

Bearcrawl from cone to cone and performing 1 Burpee at each cone all the way up to 10. (Adding 1 each time)

Partner up for Iron Cross x100

Circle up for UNO you wanna getter better

Just like the Deck of Death we draw cards and perform the exercise assigned to it..

Yellow- BBsitups




Reverse-Rinse and repeat last card

Skip- Lap around the cone (partner carry, wheel barrow)

Draw 2-30 sec plank

Draw 4-60 sec plank

Wild Card- 25 Mtn Climbers

Mary- You Can Love w/o Discipline but you cannot Discipline w/o Love= Form Clinic

Railroad Jumps- Ring of Fire

Heels to Heels

Birth Canal


What can 1 person do? What can 1 more achieve?

Consider this:

One Tree can start a forest

One Smile can begin a friendship

One Hand and lift a soul

One Word can frame a goal

One Candle can wipe out the darkness

One Laugh can conquer the gloom

One Hope can raise your spirit

One Touch can show you care

One Life can change the world


Prayers for Drone, Seatdown, Victims of the School shootings, Schwing’s doctor appt. regarding head and neck, Marriage retreat (feud), I’ll give anyone $5 who sees me next and says “Sacajawea” at the next WO.

F3 Jax  F3Nation Jacksonville Ponte Vedra Nocatee Jax Beach Free Mens Workout Fitness Fellowship Faith



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