Virtual BeatDown

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  • When: 03/26/2029
  • QIC: Flo
  • The PAX: Wasted, Saigon Sam, Uncle Jake, Focker, Zamboni, Sofa, Bada Bing, Gravy, Doink, Outhouse, Bloomer, Dollar Bill, Airbags, Full Monty

13 HIM (plus one 2.0 for moral support and to keep Saigon Sam from taking his shirt off) gathered in the virtual gloom via Zoom.

pre work warmup was posted on slack the evening before.

Dealers Choice

QIC started with an exercise of his choice for 50 seconds, when the timer went off he called on another PAX, then the called upon PAX chose an exercise and completed it and called out someone else, etc, etc.

There was a 5 burpee penalty for calling on someone who had already lead an exercise.

once everyone lead once we took a 2 minute cardio of your choice break and then rinse and repeat.


”ships are safest in harbor, but ships aren’t built for harbors “


This is the time that we as men and leaders are built for, don’t use the challenge and struggle as excuses, use it as a time to lead our families, companies, coworkers, friends, and communities.

closing prayers for healing and letting our actions reflect the goodness of humanity.

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