Broga Ponte Vedra Casanovas

Broga Casanovas

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12 Badlanders decided not to fartsack this Valentines Day but instead to post for a Broga beatdown ITG. What better way to get stretched out for your M on the day of love because we know the hips are where the real emotion of desire resides. Conditions: Fog, fog everywhere! In true broga fashion we decide […]

Four Corners

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11 PAX decided that sleep was secondary to their brothers even though the conditions were “perf” to Fartsack. UA’s were handed out as we determined that installing fences are not to commence before 8:00am, sorry Drone.  Disco=MIA 59 degrees clear and 0 gloomidity. Warm Up all IC x20 unless noted Seal Jacks, (really had some […]

Total Ownership

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Yesterday I issued a challenge that had been forming in my mind for a few weeks for myself and the other warriors who posted for BOHICA. Today I pass on that challenge to you. I see a hesitance to embrace and take full ownership of the role of Leader, especially when it comes to spiritual […]

Look Right

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Pride.  Arrogance.  Selfishness. These things are hard to shake for a man.  You are usually awash in all three during your late teenage years and into your twenties.  For many men they do not fade away unless something in their life shakes them- they see a brother die, they cheat on their wife and soon […]

A Lesson in Improv

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In honor of our Thursday workout’s now officially being known as BOHICA (Bend Over Here it Comes Again) YHC decided to scrap his original workout plan and take the PAX back to The Stein for another parking garage beat down. Started with a BOM prayer asking for protection for the PAX, peace for Barker, and […]