Bulletproof Knees – KesselRun 10.09.2023

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2023.10.09 – KesselRun QIC: SeatDown PAX: Airdrop, PUD, Septum, Jumanji, Ms Daisy, Gekko, Bernie 4-Points, Groundspeed Snuffy Warm Up: Mosey to The Steinmart Garage Up the stairs to the top floor Practice 5 reps of our repeated exercises: Knees Over Toes Calf Raises Incline Calf Raises Knees Over Toes Lunges Tibialis Raises Mosey back down […]

Gate River Run 2018.03.10

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Gate River Run 2018.03.10 PAX: SeatDown, BigBird, BadaBing, Drone, Heisenberg, Bing, PUD, Jumanji, Twister, SOC, Papa Smurf, Pusher, ThroatSwab, Pyro, Bowzer, Doggie Houser, Knockout, I-Lean, Outhouse, Worthington Bonus PAX : Snuffy and Synapse 20 (+2) PAX joined the festivities and took on Jacksonville’s most popular CSAUP, the Gate River Run. This was a strong showing […]